Work From Home, Starting of New Era

Work From Home, Starting of New Era

Working From Home
Work From Home

Meetings before Pandemic hit us

When you are that one person who like the voices in his head and keeps asking questions like a moron. While others are desperate to leave that conversation. Meetings could be productive and destructive. It’s the vicious feeling of being in hell and not seeing our best friend. There are some offering prayers to set them free from this Hell others begging for mercy.
Sitting in a group looking at each other and reading the Brains looking for Agenda because inside you are simply destroying yourself as you know nothing about it. From the funny conference rooms with the live hilarious acts of getting caught yawning scratching heads and drawing the evilest picture of your Boss.

Work From Home
Office Meetings Before Pandemic

Mass Adaptations Of Virtual meetings

After the Covid pandemic hit us, the coronavirus induced quarantine has made people abandon their offices and start working from home. One of the biggest success stories during this relocation is Virtual meetings, and it has become a central instrument in our jobs. A virtual meeting is when people around the world, regardless of their location, use video, audio, and text to link up online. Virtual meetings allow people to share information and data in real-time without being physically located together.

Work From Home
Do you Love Virtual Meetings or Hate Them?

Many of us still aren’t entirely comfortable with the change. Like, if you get up, the people you’re talking to will see that you forgot you’re not wearing any pants, if your partner starts a fight and you forget to turn off your mic, they will hear every little detail. And these aren’t just hypothetical examples, these things happen a lot; Social media is flooded by these kind of videos since work from home was adopted by big corporates to small scale businesses.

Behind The Curtains Of Virtual Meetings.

Work From Home
How It Actually Is 😁😂🤣

The good thing is that quite a few hilarious jokes have been born thanks to those fails. That’s right, people have been turning the awkwardness behind quarantine communication into memes, and you must see them.

How difficult it could be for a Dad – “Recently, I was asked with some onboarding training sessions,” says Spencer Waldron, Head of Remote Communications at Prezi. “I was nervous about it because I’ve never done onboarding calls before, and I was about to do with one of our key partners. Before the virtual meeting started, I said, even plead, to both of my children, ‘Daddy is about to go on a important call — please don’t come into the room or make too much noise for the next 30 minutes or so.”

Work From Home
Virtual Meetings Mysteries

Bathroom Mysteries – “On one of my conference calls, someone was unmuted while using the toilet,” says Heather Kleinschmidt, founder of All Become. Luckily, this person didn’t had his camera on.

In fact, he may still not know that everyone on the call heard him do his business. “No one said a word”, says Kleinschmidt.

“The presenter just continued as though nothing was happening, and no one else interjected. There were many people on the call and we don’t all know each other very well!” 

Office meetings and Virtual meetings have played an important role in our life, where we have developed a special connection with our co-workers from extremely stressful moments. These meetings have induced happy and hilarious moments full of laughter and sarcasm. Come share your stories of meetings and let’s have a moment of smile.

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