Woof Woof !!

Woof Woof !!

The Greatest Fear Dogs know is that their Master won’t Return Home One Day.

A Brief History of Man and Dog

Researchers first theorized that dogs, as we know them today, evolved from wolves after they began cohabiting with humans. However, more recent studies have found a different conclusion. Experts now believe that dogs split off from their wolf ancestors approximately 135,000 years ago — before dogs or wolves started living with humans.

In fact, archaeological evidence, like buried dog bones near human settlements, only really dates back 13,000 years. So, it stands to reason that the current theory is that wolves evolved into dogs without the help of humans. But once dogs and humans started counting on one another, they became inextricably linked. Since the early days of becoming man’s best friend, dogs have a distinct emotional connection with us humans.

Who’s a Good Boi ?

They call me whiskey and sure life is very Risky but damn, Do I take it easy ?

Dogs have been winning our hearts for centuries now. They have fundamentally changed our otherwise stressful, empty, and hollow lives into celebratory lives that are enriched with the love and warmth a furry creature has to offer. We can see the love for us in their eyes, we can feel how much ‘wanted’ we are in their lives and how beautifully they have changed everything not-so-good in life into happy and joyful moments.

Dogs are smelly, weird but wonderful creatures, and sometimes we just can’t come up with an explanation for what they get up to. From the funny and annoying to just fucking weird, our lives wouldn’t be the same without our four-legged friends and their odd little habits.

And I Bet your Dog would exhibit some or even more of these traits –

  • Use your feet/arms/legs (the whole body basically) as a comfortable chair.
  • Sometimes refuse to eat a full bowl of food but go crazy just for one treat.
  • Beg us to throw a toy but then put up a fight when we try to take it.
  • Manage to take up a whole sofa/bed so you just adjust on the floor.
  • Throwing tantrums, no matter you call their names a thousand times. Ignoring you and doing their own stuff and going plain crazy.
  • Refuse to give up the smelly, dirty toy they’ve had since they were a puppy
  • Move from person to person in a group seeking for attention.
  • Put their wet nose in your ear, face, eye, hand and licking whatever part of your body comes in their way.
Now you see why they call me the Black Beauty? Ofcourse you do.

People who own a pet especially a dog can relate to this easily. And if your heart practically jumps out of your chest when you see the furry friend of your dreams stroll by you at the park, or if you spend inordinate amounts of time thinking for one, just don’t stop yourself. Do your analysis and go get one! But let me remind you one very very important thing – Having a pet is more than having a baby. Pet steals your time, attention, and care so much that it might leave you drained and restless. That’s just the mandatory disclaimer my editor forced me to put in by the way. Well, I don’t blame him though. The guy needs to get a dog too !!

You must have realized by now that I would rather live in a world full of dogs and not humans. Believe me, I would jump at the opportunity and I have my reasons for the same.

Your Dog may be a PART of Your Life.

You are their WHOLE LIFE.

Loneliness is an unpleasant state we all experience at times; fortunately, an animal companion can help us resolve those lonely feelings. Dogs often prove to be great pets and they provide us with much-needed mental health benefits including stress and anxiety reduction, a boost in self-esteem, and improved social connection. Many dogs instantly pick up on our moods and can tell when we are sad or angry. Complimentary, we try our best to understand dogs as well. We try our utmost best to read their expressions and tell when they’re scared, upset, or joyful.

Such deep emotional connection comes with its own share of downsides. Quite similar to the experience we get from our interpersonal relations with fellow humans. I know a friend who recently lost his Labrador companion. Her name was Jennifer and everybody called her ‘Jennie’. Needless to say, she was the apple of his eye. She was and I quote, “The best thing that ever happened to him…” 10 years is a great deal of time to spend with a canine. Recovering and recuperating from that trauma might take long. The road ahead may be tough for a little while but slowly you come to the realisation that the kind of joy and bliss a furry companion can bring to your life, nothing else can. I think you develop a sense of pure, selfless love for that being. She’s in a better place now

The only thing a Doggo knows is to love his Hooman.

Life is very vivid to these voiceless bundles of joy. They know who their friends are and who their rivals are. They have ambitions for higher status and make no mistake, they compete! Their lives follow a certain arc similar to humans. A dog will exhibit all of the basic emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust. Sometimes even more complex emotions like guilt, pride, and shame. We both try to stay alive, get food and shelter, and raise our young ones for the next generation. I think that their presence here on Earth is tremendously enriching.

Yes, I do share my house with a furry creature and I have come to adore her to bits. Her name is “Honda” and I can count on her every moment of my life. Whenever I lose my faith in love, she stands still to prove me wrong. She has been more than a companion and I don’t know how life will be without her. She has made me believe in life in all its glory and she has been my pride. Stealing away my heart was a spell that she cast on me and I see no breakthrough from that. Not that I want to. But I do fear a time will come where we shall be apart. Nonetheless, I love her and She Loves Me. That’s all we need in life sometimes.

“..250,000 miles on a clear night in June. I’m a space bound rocket ship and your heart’s the Moon..”

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