Valentine’s Day Faking it or Making it?

Valentine’s Day Faking it or Making it?

valentine's day
Valentine’s day Faking it or making it

Did you ever say “you are the best, I ever had”, and messing with your own head knowing you are not sure if he’s the right one. Have you ever touched the story of your own fake love? Walking across the street looking at the mysteries, hidden deep inside  searching for someone Calling your name and you just wanna say his name. Playing in each others arms and forgetting the bad World oops you realize it’s the ding ding Bing Bing the crazy monster Valentine’s wake up scary dream. Who’s on the top the billboard hot shot spinning your brains to knock you off. You are so confused and you are failing to choose who will be the Valentine 2021. Just the way Facebook acquired Instagram you want to acquire someone’s heart. Playing dead year long for this the day to wipe your sins off. You can just not pretend and say “I love you”, as it can cause serious issues where you are asked for commitment and with no financial security you just want to run away chewing his mind like a bar of chocolate and you want to fall in love over and again.

What You Gonna Do?

What Will You Do
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Valentine’s Day can make your day and break your heart. It is  just scoping the ice-cream and melting someone’s heart with a beautiful Shady, nasty or a romantic beat. Your love is just like the cherry on the top and your heart keeps saying give me more. So spread some love tease the single souls.. it’s the beautiful valentine’s Day to shower your love. Don’t make it the bloody valentine as Jesus is right there watching them and there could be another HELL BOY and dragons do fly. Don’t tag your love “Just Friends” as they are most wanted ones. Feel the air and blow your trumpet, play the single ladies and if you like it put the ring on it.. oh ho ho.. Rock the day don’t hesitate as it’s your fate the Prince charming doesn’t exist and there’s no Princess Jasmine. It’s just us this day and we can make it worth. If you feel lonely this day, just remind yourself that yesterday you felt the same and tomorrow will not be different either. So spread the love of magic. The world is filled with so many people with so little Love. Let’s Love..

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