Science, Religion, and Man.

Science, Religion, and Man.

Creation Of Adam
Creation Of Adam – Michelangelo

“If the Infinite had not desired for Man to be wise, It would not have bestowed upon him the Faculty of Knowing”.

Manly P. Hall

The Itch.

What fascinates as well as intrigues me the most is that there is a rise in the population of a particular kind of homo sapiens where hardly anyone is wondering or thinking about what we are actually doing here and why. Most of us have accepted the slog-eat-enjoy-sleep cycle as all that life has to offer and have no desire for a deep understanding of how the universe, as we call it, works. And then I wonder: Are we even supposed to know that?

Free Will or Predestination?

One thing I fail to understand is that when people talk about God, why do they try to bind him into a place of worship…a temple, a mosque a church…..?? Why do you need to define a specific place for him when you know he is omnipresent? Maybe the reason for doing so is that people just want to depict him in one way or the other, so that they can “pray” according to their own whims which have been passed on to generations in the form of cultures and traditions.

Earlier I did not understand the concept of idol worship. I know now that the human mind is frail. I understand it needs an object to fix itself on. In science, it is the interaction of the mind of the observer with a quantum system and has been termed as the ‘Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen’ paradox. As per it, the observer’s mind connects to the object in an unobstructed and instantaneous manner. Lots of Quantum physics theory and subject matter aside, that link we make is necessary and sometimes even mandatory if we would like to meditate and concentrate. But I also believe in the fact that the grace and power of God is not only present in holy places but in us as well…..there is god in each and every one of us. Respect yourselves and respect others. There is no point if you abuse your neighbor and then go to the gurudwara with your slippers off and head covered to pay respects to the almighty.

Belief. Why is it important?

Another point on which I would like to share my opinion on is people believing in all kinds of weird logics and superstitions which ultimately may have their roots in our traditions. Belief is the most potent weapon mankind has ever known. Faith can move mountains. The metaphoric meaning of this line does not relate to actually displacing a mountain but it pays respect to the ages old “tool” , if i may say , possessed by mankind. Believing in stone idols has given much, to many. But so has believing in your own self! Believing in the fact that a certain God or power will grant us wishes provokes us to wholeheartedly try to “impress” that power.

Science Religon And Man
Awaken. Arise.

Why not try that with your own self? Why not believe in nothing but yourself?  We are God’s best creation so far. Gifted with the most advanced machine man has ever encountered. The Mind. Noetic sciences have revealed that thoughts are not only logical equations in the mind but they also have weight and whatever has weight is affected by the gravitational pull of the earth. Assuming that this is true, we may conclude that human thoughts have the power to control matter. It may seem a far-fetched thought right now but who knows, an idea before its time has always been considered far-fetched! Believe in yourself. You are God.

You Are A Child Of Universe

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