Fear Unbound: Living the fearful way.

Fear Unbound: Living the fearful way.

What is your biggest fear? It is quite common a question and evergreen one at interviews but the answer to this question usually is either a carefully crafted lie to suit the role one is being interviewed for or a claim that they don’t fear anything. Latter would be true only if someone is seriously crazy for rest of them poking a bit further can let their fears come out garrulously; fear of failure or rejection, fear of death and that of our loved ones, fear of future, fear of the unknown, fear of competition, fear of missing out, fear of not being adequate and the list goes on.

What Is Your Biggest Fear

There is another breed of fears we all are made to feel; the manufactured ones, carefully crafted to feed insecurities in our head. All these fears let us vulnerable to manipulations from numerous quarters, both from people around us and far away ;
Fear psychosis is the most common instrument used by advertisers and politicians. They would have you believe in the “them vs us” narrative, their survival or perpetuation depends on this very narrative. It could be fear of Covid-19, some religious denomination, or a nation-state on the other side of the border. The biggest of the wars and crises have been fuelled by a collective fear of one kind or another.

The one who fuels your fears will have you believe that they have the cure for it, in the case of Covid-19 they might as well have the cure but for remaining most of the fears they offer you a placebo instead and making you feel lucky to have got the right cure before anyone else did!!. Hindsight is a great leveler, if you were to think about what all you were made to fear in past; you would find most of it weren’t real.

Do not be afraid, our fate can not be taken away from us; its a gift.

Dante Alighieri

Only education and awareness can save us from such manipulations but that is a thought for another day for now I want your focus on the “demon” within, natural fears we may call it.

Fearless !! Really?

Getting back where we started if you tell me you have no fears my answer would be you are a dead man walking already. Period.

“My biggest fear is not that I am inadequate but the fact that I am powerful beyond measure”

Nelson Mandela

No one can do more harm to you than yourself. If being a bit fearful of consequences saves you from your own brazen recklessness it would be wise to let it be. Besides it isn’t always necessary to overcome fear if you learn to live and thrive with it, fear affects us all no doubt but just don’t let it stop you.

We should rather embrace our fears, easier said than done though but when fear of the unknown is embraced with courage and conviction it becomes an adventure, When fear of missing out is embraced with an enterprising spirit it becomes an investment for the future; when we embrace the fear of death every day alive is a reason for celebration and we become more responsible with our life and that of people around us; embracing the fear of failure with rationality propels us to try even harder to achieve our goals; fear of rejection if embraced with love can be quite liberating, kind of stuff that inspires poetry and classics.

Embracing Fear
Embrace your fears.

On a parting note, while everyone preaches us to be fearless and rightly so as living in a state of persistent fear will take us nowhere. It is equally important that we pay attention to our gut feeling and intuition honed by a lifetime of experience and embrace our fears for that is what separates bravery from madness; being fearful of consequences is what stops us from becoming outlaws and sociopaths and from ending up dead as fear makes more watchful of our surroundings to defend against recurring and novel threats. So embrace your fears and let them be stepping stones for success. Be fearful be human… Cheers !!!

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