Writing Your Expressions

Writing Your Expressions

Expression of writing helps mind to regain a beautiful consciousness which makes an individual grow strength and inner peace. Words are the most meaningful precious creation of human. Without speech we lose the ability to understand and reach out to someone. Besides this most valuable creation of speech we tend to fail and express, writing helps one express the best and worst of their experiences while they are able to organize their thoughts and focus on their emotions and sentiments.

Writing can fight stress, depression and anxiety as it helps you comprehend your thoughts and the emotions we cannot control or feel. It takes our mind out of the most venerable state. It helps enhance intellectual skills helps adapt a deeper thinking and releases anger. Writing enables one to work more positively and efficiently.

It is one of the strongest aspects where people have developed special connection in the ancient period and modern era, they have always felt happiness and freedom expressing their thoughts and maintaining records with world’s most wanted inventions and discoveries, they have fought for their rights and have developed strong knowledgebase.

How it feels to write

Pleasure of Writing

It is a beautiful expression to reach someone’s heart and touch their soul. I have always emphasized on writing and have spoken to people those who find difficult to express themselves with speech. I asked someone close to me how does he feels about writing , he said, “its mixture of my feelings emotions, anger and expression as I cannot express myself by speaking and writing makes me feel comfortable”. And there are many more examples to quote as there are people in the world who try and seek help writing as the freedom of speech has been an inability due to the circumstance are they are convicted for.

I want people to cherish and acknowledge the glory and the strength “Words” have. Writing can take one out from any of the adverse circumstances and make them feel loved, wanted and admired. Life is beautiful with expressions and makes it worth with the thought to express. Write with me reach the World and know the world. Let’s build a relationship and help humanity to express and live more happily and freely.

Express Yourself

7 thoughts on “Writing Your Expressions

    • I was always looking for platform to express my thoughts and my life time experince to share. This can help others to also open up and disscuss there views too. It helps the world to bring together , to cerish the happy moments and heal togethet from the negative effets on healh , well being and stress during this time. So we welcome each other onboard. Be happy and stay safe. Lots of love.

    • We live in a world where we try to hide our emotions so we won’t be asked what’s wrong because everything is supposed to be perfect when nothing is. We live in a world where everything seems perfect on the outside, but on the inside, everyone is breaking down and crying.
      There are times when we feel very heavy from the inside, we feel depressed and hopeless. When we keep in those feelings, our heart starts to feel heavier and heavier as each day passes by. And eventually, there comes a time when we can’t hold it in anymore, and we explode. We let it all out and while doing so, we not only hurt our own self but also the others around us.
      This is the right Platform to Express Yourself Freely
      Sharing anonymous confessions brings peace, make you feel lighter, make your will stronger. Stay safe and healthy A lot of love!

    • First of all many congrats and thanks for creating a platform for comments, opinions and most importantly feelings. In this day and age everyone from young to old are all busy . To whom do we share our feelings to . We dont want to burden anyone with such talks . Todays time everything is technology the new future and way of talking and communicating. We can help many all around the world. With different views different cultures and many more . Today i woke up positively and praying for love calm and peace.

    • I want to congratulate who has provided the desirous efforts to create this blog by keeping in mind the liberty of personal writing space to believe the individual state of mind. I do not know how many times I thought in myself to write something to exchange thoughts and notions of others, which leads to a positive state of mind in our daily engagements. Writing inclined the inner side and unfold individual ability to foster and refine our ideas to others and ourselves . Let’s start this writing journey with exquisite thoughts and embrace each other with meticulous love and support . All the best everyone !

    • Good and true wording.
      Best of luck

    • Nice work .Your efforts will bring the world together. KEEP IT UP.

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