Connected by Heart: Sisters Bond

There has never been, nor there ever will be, anything quite as unique as the bond between Sisters.  Sisters possess an eternal connection and a special friendship that can take on the world. It is the feeling I always perceive when someone put a question to me about how many siblings I have. I always smirk and say our Hands […]

Science, Religion, and Man.

“If the Infinite had not desired for Man to be wise, It would not have bestowed upon him the Faculty of Knowing”. Manly P. Hall The Itch. What fascinates as well as intrigues me the most is that there is a rise in the population of a particular kind of homo sapiens where hardly anyone is wondering or thinking about […]

Social Media – A Necessary Evil?

When I was a kid, my social network was called “outside”. People nowadays are in love with social media platforms. It’s not a crush or an infatuation, but the type of love that keeps them up at night. The pings and alerts on our phone are relentless sometimes and don’t even let us concentrate when we want to – literally. […]

Fear Unbound: Living the fearful way.

What is your biggest fear? It is quite common a question and evergreen one at interviews but the answer to this question usually is either a carefully crafted lie to suit the role one is being interviewed for or a claim that they don’t fear anything. Latter would be true only if someone is seriously crazy for rest of them poking […]

Work From Home, Starting of New Era

Meetings before Pandemic hit us When you are that one person who like the voices in his head and keeps asking questions like a moron. While others are desperate to leave that conversation. Meetings could be productive and destructive. It’s the vicious feeling of being in hell and not seeing our best friend. There are some offering prayers to set […]