Woof Woof !!

The Greatest Fear Dogs know is that their Master won’t Return Home One Day. A Brief History of Man and Dog Researchers first theorized that dogs, as we know them today, evolved from wolves after they began cohabiting with humans. However, more recent studies have found a different conclusion. Experts now believe that dogs split off from their wolf ancestors […]

Social Media – A Necessary Evil?

When I was a kid, my social network was called “outside”. People nowadays are in love with social media platforms. It’s not a crush or an infatuation, but the type of love that keeps them up at night. The pings and alerts on our phone are relentless sometimes and don’t even let us concentrate when we want to – literally. […]

Work From Home, Starting of New Era

Meetings before Pandemic hit us When you are that one person who like the voices in his head and keeps asking questions like a moron. While others are desperate to leave that conversation. Meetings could be productive and destructive. It’s the vicious feeling of being in hell and not seeing our best friend. There are some offering prayers to set […]

Valentine’s Day Faking it or Making it?

Did you ever say “you are the best, I ever had”, and messing with your own head knowing you are not sure if he’s the right one. Have you ever touched the story of your own fake love? Walking across the street looking at the mysteries, hidden deep inside  searching for someone Calling your name and you just wanna say […]